Seniors Love Reading WWII Books!

World War II photo book and how it came from Kitty’s dad to you…by Kitty Kirwin

My Georgie opening his book at his  81st birthday. He was so excited and had to leave the table and go and read it –right away 😉

Dear Francy: I have been friends with Kitty for a few years and have heard about her father’s photos. I was there while she was going through them one by one and trying to get the best out of the film. Film, from the WWII era…finally coming to life. To many of you that adore the war and all that it represents…you need to order this book! I ordered a copy for my Georgie on his birthday and he flipped over the ‘up close and personal’ views of the war photographed by an airman that was there on the ground and in the air! He loved it…it has been re-read over and over again. Kitty Kirwin has written many other novels and is a very talented person. I am very pleased she took time to be my guest writer. 

I am so pleased to present a lovely lady who writes from her heart. I know you will enjoy her work. How important it is for us as care givers to remember that the old memories are still in place in many of our elders. George’s Alzhiemer’s has taken his immediate memory away…but he still has his old memories of being a young boy during the war and following the war detail after detail. He used to mark a map, that he kept on the wall above his bed,  as Europe was taken back by the ‘Good Guys’. The book brought back a lot of memories for him…I know you will enjoy it too!


I am K. F. Kirwin and was recently asked to write about my latest book ‘My Dad’s Pictures From WWII’. Twelve years ago, Dad gave me twelve rolls of film strips. He had stored them poorly with rubber bands and paperclips, that had rusted! At the time, I was an art teacher and was teaching Photography so Dad thought I could do something with them.

Gwenie, Kitty Kirwin’s beautiful corgi that helps her write all her works

The filmstrips were in very bad shape. There should of been over 300 pictures but because the film was gun film, which was used in WWII, it crumbled as it was unrolled. After a lot of patience, I managed to save close to 200 pictures. I printed them all up for him and I asked who all the people were in the shots. He did not remember and with his eyes losing their ability to focus well– he could not see them close enough to identify the people or places.

Dad was in the Army Air Corp and these pictures were from his time at the end of WWII. He was stationed at Orly, France. The pictures are of the airfield and Paris at the end of the war. After many hours of time sorting the pictures and picking the best ones I took them to the Pima Air Museum, in Tucson. They helped me identify many of the pictures. I decided to sort and gather the best and put them into a photo book of WWII.

My Dad would have loved this book. Hope you do too!

I wish I knew who the people were in the pictures maybe even know about their stories. My book ‘My Dad’s Pictures From WWII’ is in need of identification of many of the shots. Do you have an idea of who or where the photos were taken? I have an email address in the back for anyone who buys the book and knows someone. I will happily get them a copy of the picture so they can inspect it and enjoy.

This year after a few very bad health issues, my son said; “Mum please put together that book of Grandpa’s photos.”  He felt many of those that lived through the war or now, dive into the study of the details of World War II, would really enjoy seeing them. I would appreciate your purchase.  I know there are many seniors out there that really get a kick out of mementoes from the war era. Francy has told me that George has a whole bookcase filled with WWII themed books…so I hope this one will hit the spot for you or your family members. Some of the profits on the book will go towards my son’s Grad school education… for his support of my time creating the book.

Thank you, Francy. I so wish I had your blog to use the tips before my Dad passed away. I spoke to him in the last 20 hours before he passed. I am glad I could and this book is a tip of the hat to his life and his time of defending our country.

Cheers all! Kitty

Kitty F. Kirwin, author of “Haunted Bedtime Stories” and other books

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