Great Protein Drink Recipe for seniors in care, during the hot days of summer. by Francy Dickinson (the opening picture is our wedding photo ~ we will be married 30 yrs in September)

Great Coffee Smoothie for Seniors

From Dear Francy: Did you know that many of the medications that seniors take will make them ‘feel’ cold? That is why we have such a problem with them wanting to be dressed warm on a hot summer day. I make sure that George knows the outside temp, everyday…and when it hits around 80+…I change his lunch into a smoothie. It gives him something different and it helps me pack in protein. Win ~ Win!

Georgie fell in love with a local coffee shop’s fancy coffee smoothie drink and it costs over $5 –Now, I make one myself at home. He gets the treat once a week. He is always a happy camper when its smoothie day. YES, you can always make a smoothie with ice cream, but George is now a little overweight and I don’t want to boost the drink with extra empty calories. This is great for a diabetic and any senior that is watching his intake but loves sweets!

Since George is not supposed to drink a lot of coffee, I only

Serve the drink with a straw for easy sipping 😉

have ‘instant decaf’ on the shelf. When I make this drink I pour a half coffee cup (6oz) of hot water into the mug, then add an extra big scoop of coffee and two sweeteners and stir, then I add that to the blender drink…as you will see below. The combo of caramel, chocolate and coffee is so yummy that George is up for this smoothie every day. But I keep it as a special treat once a week. His diet has been going very well…I am just cutting down on sugar and replacing more fruits. Summer is so easy to give good fruits. If the fruits get over-ripe for hand eating…I just pop them into a smoothie drink. I would make them the same as below without the chocolate or caramel flavoring…just let the fruit do the talking.

Coffee Smoothie – Easy Recipe – Use a Blender

4 ice cubes in bottom of blender
Add 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use Designer Whey with 18 grams of protein per scoop and only 100 calories)
2 Tbsp of sugar free Caramel flavoring syrup (made for coffee drinks)
1 Tbsp of sugar free chocolate syrup (Hershey’s)
2 packets of sweetener ( I like Splenda )
3/4 cup of 2% milk
1/2 coffee cup or 6 oz of strong coffee

Blend on high till the cubes are mixed with the liquids and serve in a large glass with a straw! Easy Treat for Seniors in Care…you can always top it with a whip topping if you like. Hope your senior enjoys it as much as my Georgie does!

As always I thank you for your kindness that you give your senior in care. Care givers make the difference from making it through a day…or a senior having a great quality of life…Blessings, francy

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