End of Life Issues from francy

Young George

Young George

My Dear Georgie is going through his end of life journey…I ask that you send us healing light and love. Day by day, I am facing the challenges that all of us face when we say goodbye to our loved ones.

George not only has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s he now has a mass in his lungs and they are talking about Mesothelioma. Its a tough way to pass. So, I will be quiet for a while. When I come back…I will repair myself with loads of helpful tips about our journey and the care giving involved. I will have you fluid me with your questions and your worries…but for now…its time for me to be with my Georgie.


But remember…NO FEAR….NO PAIN…that is my motto for passing.

So, I am making all the decisions on his care in that fashion. George has said many 1980 Geo n Francytimes he is not afraid of death…and I know that he will step through it with honor and sweetness as he did his life. Everyone knows him to be a “gentleman” and he will remain that through to his next life.

But I ask you to think of us and send us your kindness and light of love and prayers…we can use them. Once again…remember how important caregivers are…spouses that care…family that care, old friends that tap their hats in your directions, neighbors that bring you food and pals that make you laugh in the middle of crisis. We all need each other in this world…it is a universal village and to send love to each other is a good thing.

imageI am fluffing George’s pillows, taking him to the bathroom, giving him special treats to get him to calm down. I’m adjusting his oxygen, giving him treatments that help his breathing and using¬†calming words, soothing massages, hands on healing…little jokes, sweet kisses, quiet hugs, bringing the dogs to his lap…tears, laughs, holding hands. Listening to his lungs as they struggle to take in oxygen…and worrying that each breath is his last. Its just what you do…its natural and if you let it just be..and let it just flow…the passage is smooth. But my heart is simply crushed.

I am so wishing that we could dance around the living room one more time…before he goes. ¬†Blessings…francy



6 thoughts on “End of Life Issues from francy

  1. Thinking of you at this difficult time – and praying for peace and comfort for both you and your beloved Georgie!

    Phyllis Walter

  2. Darling Francy, my heart is breaking for you and for George, although he will soon be in a better place and free of any suffering. I’m sending prayers for soothing calmness for George and strength for you to carry on. You are loved Francy, and we will be here when you return.

  3. I have now learned that George has passed, and my heart is still breaking for you. He is in a better p[ace now and has no pain or suffering anymore. I know you are grieving and miss him terribly, but know that you gave him the best care any person could possibly give to another human. Love you Franny, and am giving you a big HUG. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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