Christmas Gift Ideas for Elders in Care


Ideas to help families with gifts for seniors in care by francy Dickinson

Missy Kirbee n Dad

Our Missy and Kirbee with Georgie
Ready for Santa 😉

HO HO HO…Here are some ideas to help you with the seniors in your life:

  1. No matter what their doctor says…every senior is ready for sweets. If you want to bring them special candy or cookies…go for it. Just make the candy easy to eat…teeth often are not sturdy in elders…but they adore the sugar rush!
  2. Books…Men love those wonderful WWII books and women like desk calendars with daily words of love…a subscription to a magazine that reflects their hobby or interests is always enjoyed.
  3. Music…a simple MP3 Player loaded with audio books, and music from the era that they relate to…like the 1940’s big band music…or early 1960’s rock…gift it to them and then show them how to use it and recharge it — totally fun.
  4. Picture video screens…that have family photos loaded…things that the elder can enjoy and remember from their own youth…and pictures of family members that are current too. If there is a problem with memory…do a little editing on the photos before you load them and put a caption on the bottom of the photos
  5. A tablet and the time from you to teach them how to use it…even elders love to play games and send messages over the Internet…you need to remember that easy, means being there to take them step by step. Then have them repeat it all from the boot up on their own. This would be a terrific addition to any one’s Christmas.
  6. Clothes are easy really….all seniors get cold….so adding in a fun sweat shirt from a team, or local band…a warm vest that is colorful…or if you get slippers…make them easy to walk in…no slip and sliding for seniors.
  7. Both men and women like moisturizers that smell good on dry skin…or flameless candles for their side table –Oh, and many fragrances come in cream forms that are easy to use, too.
  8. Something fun; motorized cars or helicopters to fly…men never stop enjoying new toys
  9. New game to play or new deck of cards…maybe a really lovely jigsaw puzzle
  10. Bring a movie over to watch with the seniors…or a video of the family at Thanksgiving so they can see how quick the kids grow
  11. Remember to spend time…just 20 minutes of visiting is not long…so get to it, if you want to share something special. How about looking up an old home address on Google earth …memories are the best
  12. Mailing a special something is always fun for the senior…Shari’s Berries, David’s Cookies, the Internet is filled with specialty foods that might reflect the senior’s culture or heritage food of their childhood
  13. Use your smart phone to Skype a family member that is far away so the senior really sees and hears the family member and can enjoy the experience
  14. Dinner brought in, their favorite hamburger…or take them out…a quiet drive around town to enjoy the holiday lights, or go and get a hot dog or ice cream…something that will be a treat for the senior.
  15. If the senior is in a care facility…its smart to bring a big basket of cookies or treats for the staff that cares for your senior everyday…as a thank you.

Its amazing how easy it is to please those that have had their holidays pulled down to being in their own home …or in a care facility. Its a lonely time of year, when a senior is stuck with no family around them. So taking the time to go and visit them is so important. I always make sure I take a special treat for the elder’s room mate too…and a thank you for the staff…or the neighbor that gets the senior’s mail. Everyone appreciates a remembrance at holiday time…and a small box of candy or a bag of cookies is a treat for everyone. Thank you for all you do to give love to your seniors…Blessings on your holiday…francy