Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors


Pictures of family make a hit on Xmas Tree

Family Pictures make a hit on Xmas Trees

Ideas for Senior n Elder Christmas gifts that will be enjoyed all year-long. by Francy Dickinson

Dear Francy; What do I get mom and dad…they have everything…their house is loaded to the ceiling…and I still have to figure out something they will enjoy???? HELP!

You got it…I have ideas that will help your seniors and give them joy all year-long ;O


  1. Health…its always a shock to hear that a senior dies because they got the flu or a cold. It means their immune system was just too low to help them heal. So what if you make a difference? Gift them an Auto Ship of a quality full spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. I like the ones that HSN features by Andrew Lessman. His ‘Complete’ vitamins would be a great start. You just ask them for the auto-ship and your gift is in the bag…and your seniors are in business with quality daily vitamins that they do not have to budget for or worry about. NICE
  2. Merry Maids…is the name of our local house cleaning service. What is your’s?  Seniors that stay in their homes need to keep the house clean…but scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens are often just not in the picture when they age. So, gifting your senior a house-clean, bi-monthly or monthly – is a dream come true for them. You tell your local maid company (that is bonded and safe to be in the home) to clean up the kitchen and baths…so you can all feel fresh, clean and safe
  3. Roof and Gutter Clean This is a great gift for seniors in their homes…a good roof clean off…gutter clean…maybe even a chimney sweep. If you want your seniors to stay in their homes…this is the one chore that will help. You and your teens could gift this to your seniors…and make a day of it. Easy, cheap and loving gift that keeps your senior without worry.
  4. New space heater They make great space heaters that are safe and work well..they can make a difference in the monthly heating bill. If seniors spend their time in one room, they can keep the main heat on low, close off the spare bedroom vents and just add extra heat in their living area. It’s a gift that will give them less stress over high winter utilities.
  5. Whirlwind decor So you plan ahead. Get a wreath, a table arrangement and a tree. I would suggest using artificial so there is no worry over needles. Get a theme going and then hit the house the weekend after Thanksgiving. Take the kids and everyone hits the floor running. Clean-up the front walk and door area and hang the wreath. Dust and vacuum the house and put up the tree, making sure there is an easy way to turn the tree-lights on and off. Clean out the dining area and put up the center table display. When you leave…the house is clean, decorated and ready for your senior to enjoy until the 2nd weekend in January when you come back and repeat the process and remove, pack in plastic bins and store the decor for next year!
  6. Senior in care center? Arrive at the care center with a yard display to put outside your senior’s window so they can see the deer or lighted tree at night. The whole center is able to enjoy your gift…then retrieve it and store it at your place for next year.(Ask first, use LED so the light bill does not go up because of your display)
  7. Monthly Fruit Delivery. NO kidding- seniors love fruit and because the price is now high…they would really enjoy a nice box of fruit each month. Do your research many on the online companies do a nice monthly fruit delivery. I personally adore the chocolate dipped strawberries…Oh My…they are so good 😉
  8. Easy stuff? Re-new the house…new throw pillows can really perk up the living room. New sleeping pillows can bring clean and fluffy dreams. New kitchen towels or easy non-stick pans or a new microwave…those can give the senior a great boost
  9. Hearing Loss? TV Ears can save the household from wearing cotton in their ears when a senior is trying to hear TV. Change the TV to ‘caption’ and buy the TV Ears. OR do as our dear friend Bob did for us…get them a good surround sound. The levels of sound allow most seniors to hear clear and able the TV to keep on a lower volume…NICE
  10. Add a senior onto your own Cell Phone family plans. A smart phone for a senior means you can have them a part of your Internet options. They can text, get pictures of family on their own FaceBook page. Add the safety of connection to 911 and you…and its a winner. Any time you give a gift that is technical in any way…take time to explain and have the senior use the features in front of you…they absorb the info in a different way then your kids…take time…make the gift easy to use.

Thank you for all you do for your seniors…know that giving time, as well as your money…is an investment that means the most. George is going to get a couple of technical gifts this year…but I will show him how to use them over and over again, because his Alzheimer’s takes the immediate memory away. His excitement and hours of enjoyment will be worth my time …..Blessings, and Happy Holidays, francy

My Georgie in 1996 w our dear Standard Schnauzer Ralph...Memories

My Georgie in 1996 w our dear Standard Schnauzer Ralph…Memories