Fight Depression in Seniors In-Care

Ideas for keeping a spirit going for a senior in-care by francy Dickinson

Seniors love real plants in bloom

Dear Francy; Mom will hardly stay awake these days…she naps all day and sleeps all night. I try to keep her up but she just has no interest in anything. It’s hard to get her to eat, drink or take her meds. How can I get her back in the grove?

This is so normal…if a senior does not have anything left to live for – they begin to dip. Just take your mind into their mind-set; they have lost friends, spouse, family members and their health. They feel they are making others fuss over them and they feel no longer worth the time or effert that it takes to keep them going. Now, it’s up to you and the staff of any care center to change that mind-set.

There has to be a running calendar, posted front and center, of what the world has to offer them. Put up a large calendar to show the upcoming holidays, the family birthdays and events. I would even put the Passing Days of family that have passed away. Make the calendar the current month and a month ahead. Even if you have to print it out on your computer. Talk about it each day and get the senior in to planning for the future.

  • Circle dates that will bring the senior a laugh. If their heritage is Irish, our St. Patrick’s day is a perfect point of interest…and then add in some shamrocks around the room to brighten up their day.
  • Easter is always fun for seniors; they can do a bit of online shopping and get those granddaughters a pair of white shoes or gloves. Help them be a part of the celebrations, not just view them.
  • It may be February, but the spring bulbs are in bloom…and bringing in a small pot of them from the grocery store will really show the senior that sunshine is on its way.
  • There is the first day of baseball practice down in Arizona and NASCAR is a go in the south. You have golf starting now, if not interested in the golf, thenwatch for the lovely courses that they visit all over the US and the world.
  • See if there are TV specials to look forward to that week, have a current event rolling on the news channel and talk about it with the senior so they stay involved in the world and happenings.
  • How about a daily French Word to spice up the morning? French Word of the Day – Free French Vocabulary Lessons Online – you can print it out and walk in the door with a word to share and lift the day a little for senior in-care. You can do the same thing with English with a word and a meaning each day. There is the long adored ‘The Daily Word’ that many seniors enjoy. Daily Word
  • Decorate the room with the theme for the month…ask family and friends to sign in to a wall mounted guest book…so the senior can see that they have had a lot of visitors.
  • Put up a bulletin board and put cards and snaps of old family photos and new grandkid pics.
  • Ask the senior what day it is…what month it is…what is happening around them that week? Keep them involved and thinking about their involvement in life and the world.  Ask them if they have visited places on the news, or if they have family still in the ‘old country’. Ask them about food that they remember from childhood and how to prepare it.
  • Add a new project for them. Spring time is time to clear out clothes and freshen up the sock drawers. Change their favorite chair to the window and move the TV so they get a great view outside and of the TV. Bring in some new throw pillows or a new house coat or slipper. New is good, change is good…small changes make a huge difference. Your ideas will keep the senior attached to life and find enjoyment in a daily sweet spot.
Thank you for your love and time giving to your mother. Care givers rarely get thanked for all they do…know your love makes a difference everyday. Blessings, francy

My new care book is coming out next month...Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Fight Depression in Seniors In-Care

  1. I have a co-worker who could get a lot out of this because she is in this age range. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Fabulous advice! Cannot wait for your book–so many people will benefit from your wonderful insight and WISDOM! Depression can be debilitating for all ages… And feeling alone and forgotten can break anyone’s spirit. What great ideas for bringing the world to our elderly loved ones and for keeping them engaged in life!

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