George took a Fall

Guide for families giving care to seniors

Out this fall by francy 'Guiding Family Care'

George took a fall and I wanted to update you. by francy Dickinson

I am in the middle of designing my front cover for my ‘Guiding Family Care’ eBook for senior in home care-giving. I am going to have it out by September. So the cover has to be done… I was in the middle of the design process and George took a fall.

He had gone downstairs to let the dogs outside and he went out on his own. He was doing things out there, without a cane or walker. He tripped over the hose,  landed on his hands and Cheryl saw him go down and let out a holler. Gosh that is a scary call.

I raced downstairs and the dogs were hovering over him, he was in shock. I had him stay still for a while to see what was injured and he was able to move. Cheryl and I got him to his knees and then to his feet and over through the downstairs door to her sofa. He sat there for a while saying very little and confused. His Alzheimer’s takes such a hit when anything like this happens.

When he got up he was sore and I had him go up the stairs slowly with our help and then the pain started to hit. His ribs had been cracked and his arm and shoulder were bruised. So for the last three days we have had quite the time of it. I am giving him full care; that means transition, grooming, bathroom transition and bringing him meals. He is in less pain in his recliner chair, but unable to move it without help. He has a whistle that he blows when he needs me. It’s just simple things with care giving, but they all add up to time and energy and added stress when the daily routine is blown apart by a fall.

–> I think George blew the whistle less today…so its been four days and the pain is still there, but getting less. He is learning how to adjust to it and walk with his walker again. I took him out the door and across the street – to get the mail and he walked with more speed today. His Parkinson’s tends to make him shuffle, but he was able to pick up his feet in a better walking stance. I can not let him just sit…he has to keep thinking and moving or he will lose his movement memory.

Just another bump in the road that care givers have to adjust to and think about. I thought I would share it all with you, so you can understand the continued stress of being a care giver…at the same time allowing him to heal slowly and get his mind and his muscles strong. So easy to think that falls are the end of an elder’s life. But that is rarely the case; they just make life more difficult…so I am doing my best to motivate him to move safely and heal strong.

My personal frustration is trying to work in-between the whistle blows…but I am getting there. Leave me a comment if you have a similar challenge. OH, a good friend has done an author page for me, if you would be kind enough to visit I would appreciate it. Just click here. When I get the eBook done I will ask you to spread the news for me. It should be out in a couple of weeks, I’m excited and in hopes that George keeps healing so my writing time can increase. Keep your fingers crossed; I want to get this book out the door and into the hands of families that need care giving help on a budget.

Blessings, francy

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