Low Carb Recipe Cauliflower Fall Soup That’s Super Yummy


Low Carb Cauliflower Fall Soup

Easy to make, great taste and low carbs…perfect fall soup

by francy Saunders     www.seniorcarewithspirit


You know when you diet it can get very boring after a while. No matter what type of dieting you do, you miss your old fav foods. I am overweight and I need to lose a lot of weight. As a care giver, I tend to stay in the house and not exercise. I do run up and down stairs, I do usual home chores but in between care giving I am tired and tend to sit, not move. My weight is serious stuff since we know that it can make so many changes in health so I have chosen to do a low carb diet. It works well for me and I have done it before with great success and can stay on it for a long time period. The problem, I get bored….so I try to replace favorite foods with something that is just as good but in low carb. I made this soup because I love and miss potato soup. My mom did a great German Potato soup so this is along the same lines.

I used a large soup pot and started with three pieces of bacon cut up in small pieces to brown. I chopped fine 1/2 of an onion and added two stalks of celery cut thin. After it browned a bit I added to the pot the one head of cauliflower all pulled apart and flowerets in the pot, then I added a grated carrot.


I put three cups of chicken broth over the contents and I let it steam and bubble. I salted and peppered and put garlic powder in the pot and just let it cook down to soft and tender. I then turned down the stove and macerated the cauliflower down to smooth…I could have done it in the blender or the hand masher would have been OK too. Now, the next thing I do is add a tablespoon of butter and 1/c of whip cream (U could use milk) but it all stirred together and it was ready to put in the sausage. I like to use  chopped hot dogs (about a cup) or other sausage….it adds a great bit of protein and taste. I also put in a shake of tarragon and dried parsley and all together reheated it.

 Served it with dollops of sour cream and chopped green onions and we were all shocked at how good it tasted. It was simply just as good as the potato soup that I grew up with and I was so happy. Low Carb food is hard to do after you have gone through a few months…so I am so happy to report this is yummy…please try it – you will be pleased. francy



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