New Care-Giving 101 Workbook by Dear Francy

by francy Dickinson                  

Dear Francy; I just got your new updated Care-Giving 101 Workbook. I downloaded and printed it out and it’s been such a help. Thank you so much. It’s like you reached in my mind and came up with all my own Q& A’s – Great ideas on care and thanks for all of  your Dear Francy Tips –

Thank you! I’m excited, I just felt I had to update the first printing with all of the information that has come from our Dear Francy questions.

I wrote the Workbook so any one giving care could go through the sections and find information that would hit their own hot buttons.

I use my own experiences with years of giving care to different people and places and found it fun to share stories with all of you. You will see pictures of family and friends as well as care ideas and workbook questions for you to review.  

I have a large section on Alzheimer’s Care Tips and a good section on how to care for the care-giver. Boy is that important. Keeping the care giver strong and well so the senior can receive top notch care is vital! 

I know you’ll find a lot of answers to your questions on care. If you are just starting or have been caring for a parent, family member, friend or spouse you will find information that will walk you through the bumps that can pop up.

Please go to my website and click on the Products Page and you’ll find the information on the New Care-Giving 101 Workbook.

I have done the workbook in a bound spiral workbook you can order by mail. Or if you want it right away you can order the E-Book version in PDF format. You will receive that through your email. All you have to do is decide on the format and then click the Paypal links and it’ll be out to you in no time.

Thanks for all of the nice words so many of you have sent to me…I am excited to have something new to offer all of you. I know you will find it helpful.

Blessings, francy

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