TV-Antenna Change Over For Seniors

by francy Dickinson    

Dear Francy; I can not believe I have to pay so much for the box to get the new signals. No coupons are available and my mother is just glued to her game shows! I was thinking of going cable – got ideas?

There are so many ads for cable and Satellite to take care of the new TV signal problem. But really think it over, if your parents are in a place that they can adjust to more channels great. The problem is, they are probably in a rut and they love being there. They have their local shows that they watch in the morning, the talk shows, the news, the game shoes, a late afternoon re-run and then evening news. A special show each evening and the TV gets turned off and they start all over again the next day. The box maybe $40+ but it’s a one time fee.

Cable and Satellite are a monthly fee and your parents may not even watch the huge array of channels that are broadcast. So, talk it over with them, if they like life as it is – keep it simple – go for the converter box.

Now, if they love special movies, history, food channels, or the guys love the military and history channel and etc…then that’s another color all together. Then you know that a simple package with the local cable may be just the ticket to give them even more pleasure during the day.

Ask the cable company if they have special senior packages? If they are offering a year of reduced rates, ask them what they will be the second year? If they are $15 or so a month and then the fees and rental box that would be about $25 per month for the first year. The second year they could jump to $50 and your parents will be so into their new shows they will not want to give it up. So watch that budget!

My mother wanted her local baseball team and that was on cable only, then she loved the food channel and the old cowboy movies. Strange as it may seem, she just loved them. So, I was pleased to do the extended service for her. It was easy for us, I just added another DishTV Box to my billing and that was that.  

By the way, if your parents are using a small TV, go shopping in the second hand shops. Since so many people are getting flat screens these days, they have the larger, older model TV’s for just a few dollars at many of the thrift shops. They work great and many are just a year or two old at below $50 a set. It will be just as nice for your folks to have a bigger screen for hardly any investment.

Also, remember if they have a big collection of video movies, keep that video recorder for them. It’s not the time to update them if they love their movie collection!

By the way, perfect gifts often come from the PBS channel in your area. They have terrific DVD’s of programs of all kinds – you can find them on their website. The thrift shop has loads of videos for sale at just a dollar or so a piece. So, shop around and see what would make them happy. Don’t forget to include the local library in your search for video and DVD’s for your parents viewing. They have a terrific collection, you just need to get the items back on time!

Thanks for being so kind over your mother’s viewing and keeping her happy and in the loop. Lots of seniors have still not figured out the airways are going to change in June and they will be so disappointed when it happens. Please do go to my website and visit all the information for giving care at

Thanks, francy

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